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Air Purifier

  • Desktop Air Purifier - AirPot
  • Using a Excellent photocatalyst porous TiO₂ nanoparticles
  • Deodorant, Sterilization, Removes fine dust,
  • Natural humidification, Fragrance, LED mood light for interior

Micro-Bubble generator

  • 50 ~ 100 μm Bubble generator
  • Simple structure
  • Low cost
  • Use air or water purifier and sterilization

Pico type complex generator

  • Use wind, water and solar power simultaneously
  • Pico type complex generator
  • Low cost
  • Effective and successive energy gain
  • Simple installation
  • No side effect on environment
  • Use serial or parallel connection for above kW generation
  • Patent No : 10-1194893, Generator using wind power and water power

Smart eyechart system


  • Multiple digital eyetest system using all in one computer

Core technology

  • Registered patent for directing eyesight testing Patent No of Korea : 10-1227594
  • 2.4GHz RF wireless remocon